Fibroid Buster Kit

Fibroids are abnormal cellular growth within and around the Uterus or Ovaries.  This abnormal cell growth is fueled by a Toxic mix of ingredients from Animal Flesh, Dairy, Sugars, Toxic Beauty Products, Excessive Hormones and Stress, just to name a few.  Our All Natural FIBROID BUSTER KIT will help eliminate this buildup of toxins and restore your reproductive system to it's optimum state if followed as instructed.

Order your Wholistic FIBROIDS BUSTER KIT today and take the POWER OF FEMININE RESTORATION into your hands!

Some of the Symptoms of Fibroids and Uterine Dysfunction:

Abdominal Pain, Back Pain, Heavy Menstral Flow and Pain, Miscarriage, Enlarged Uterus, Constipation and Irreluger Bowel movements.

Wholistic FIBROID BUSTER KIT includes the following:

1  A-G7                                        (Female Balancer) 3 per day.

1  C.K.L.S.                                   (Colon Kidney Liver Spleen) 3 per day.

1  FREED-OM                             (Blood Detoxification) 3 per day.

1  C-1                                          (Reverses Abnormal Cell Growth) 3 per day.

1  The Natural Way Booklet (Black & White) – BONUS Educational Item.

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