Akoma Day Couple's Special Feb 14th -20th

Feb 1st 2016

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The AKOMA is the HEART.

The Sacred Science of Soulmating! 

AKOMA DAY is the cultural alternative to Valentine's Day celebrated 7days: February 14th-20th.

Although Akoma Day is officially celebrated for one week from February 14th to February 20th, the holiday is to be embodied throughout the year as a tool to attain the pinnacle level of LOVE!

The Akoma ❤️ is an ancient symbol of divine love and unity that is commonly called the "heart" today. 

❤️Akoma Day celebrates 7 virtues, 7 principles and 7 symbols that represent a deeper... more meaningful love for any relationship. 

❤️Akoma Day was created by Montsho & Nwasha Edu (a happily married soulmate) to promote unity and enhance relationships. 

The following serves as a general outline for each Akoma Day whether you are celebrating as an individual, couple or family group:

Akoma Sherehe/Love Celebration

Begin each day with a prayer welcoming the divine presence into your celebration

Pour libation for the ancestors and those shining examples of true love- families, couples, organizations that lovingly serve family and community 

Light mishumma (candles) to represent the illumination of our souls 

Ask focus questions related to the virtue and principle of the day

Share purpose, mission and vision statements of all willing participants

Taste the uchungu (bitter), utamu (sweet), and maji (bland)

Pass the ubele (feather) for “feathertalk” and discuss your personal reference for the virtue and principle of the day

State your agano (pledge) for that day’s corresponding virtue and principle

Tell visa (stories) and play games

Give the hiba (gift given as a sign of love) to yourself, mate, family, or community

Enjoy the sherehe (feast)

Day 1:


Principle-Unified Purpose

Day 2:


Principle-Unified Labor

Day 3:


Principle-Unified Transformation

Day 4:


Principle-Unified Fruit

Day 5:


Principle-Unified Mind

Day 6:

Virtue-Fondness or Goodwill

Principle-Unified Body

Day 7:


Principle-Unified Spirit