My daughter wants to loc her hair

Aug 20th 2021

I always said if I loc my daughter’s hair, it would be at her request because I understand it’s not just a temporary protective style you can easily unravel. Well I didn’t realize today would be that … read more

Gardening and the Loc Journey

Posted by The Loc Doctress on Apr 11th 2020

For over 10 years, I've been cultivating locs and embracing my own loc journey. I never made the connection between gardening and locs until now. Since I've discovered my love for gardening, I'm truly … read more

Discrimination Against Locs

Posted by Rebecca Shepherd on Mar 14th 2019

A young Rastafarian schoolboy will now be allowed to wear his hair in dreadlocks at school after winning a legal battle.Chikayzea Flanders, 13, was told his hairstyle breached the appearance policy du … read more

Loc crafting horror story

May 24th 2018

If you're a pro loc crafter, you've had your share of needle stabs. Crafting thousands of locs per month can take it's toll, and it's all part of our love and passion of hair! Thankfully, We survived … read more