Benefits of Hairitage Virgin Bundles

Benefits of Hairitage Virgin Bundles

Feb 27th 2016

We would like to take the time to review the benefits of selecting our virgin color option when placing an order for Hairitage Bundles. Whether you're ordering our loose bulk hair, weft hair, or hand-crafted locs you may find it relevant to know the difference between virgin and the other colors offered. Please continue to read below.

It is worthy to note that all color shades that we have available have been dyed in order to achieve the desired color. Unless you selected our virgin hair option, this is the only hair that has never been processed, dyed, or chemically treated. Thus, making it easier to color and bleach. There are several important benefits that you can enjoy when you order our Hairitage Virgin Bundles.

Improved Styling Options

While you can easily enjoy the variety of our colored extensions, it's also great to keep in mind that extensions that have been chemically treated, such as through dying or other efforts, must be bleached differently. This is definitely the case with darker, permanent shades such as jet black #1. In these cases, a professional must specialize in color correcting & color removing in order to achieve the desired lift on the jet black hair. (Please note: Lighter colors above #2 dark brown are easier to work with even if they have been previously dyed.) For example, the extensions may not accept new color as easily, or the color may be off slightly if the extensions were previously dyed.Hairitage Extensions can be bleached and dyed. However, it is recommended that a professional colorist does chemical processing on the hair to achieve best results. Unfortunately, we are not liable for the results you achieve from incorrectly bleaching/dying

Overall Better Quality

Virgin hair extensions also offer practical benefits. When ordering online, for example, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of a product being sold. You cannot tell if it has the texture and sheen that you desire. By choosing virgin hair, you can be assured that you will receive the finest quality, especially when you buy from trusted suppliers like Macon Styles.

 As you shop for your product, focus on these factors to get the best value for your money.

Thank you.