Wholistic Approach to Healthy Hair

Sep 8th 2016

Consider the issues on the attached list you may be experiencing, and is it affecting your overall hair health?  This is a list of issues with the corresponding herbs to help alleviate the issue. We have now taken a unique wholistic approach to helping clients achieve healthy hair. This came after realizing 2/5 of our clients and potential clients suffer from hair loss or scalp issues. Applying tension to the issue doesn't resolve it, and most times the issue must be resolved internally with the use of herbs and plenty water.


We've merged with 3rdevu.com to assist clients in achieving healthy scalps. After further information, I realize that many hair issues client report are associated with either poor diet, hormonal issues, lack of water, stress, fatigue or more. With the proper regimen & consistency, impressive results can be achieved. These list of herbs are Made by Dr. Paul Goss, leading 40 years in the herbal industry.

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