Loc crafting horror story

May 24th 2018

If you're a pro loc crafter, you've had your share of needle stabs. Crafting thousands of locs per month can take it's toll, and it's all part of our love and passion of hair! Thankfully, We survived this hand injury but it caused some delays of course. When crafting locs it's almost impossible to never get an injury. All you can do is use a good thimble or tape,  and hope for the best.

So I know you're wondering, "Sis, how did you manage to get the whole needle stuck in your arm though?". Well, well the answer is that the needle was sitting in an upright position without a protection cap, and the loc crafter unknowingly rested her whole arm down on it. Also, to give you an idea this is one of the smallest crochet hooks, so it's literally like a fishing hook. Trying to pull it out by yourself makes the hook keep ripping into more flesh as you try and snatch it out. It did not help that the needle went straight through sweater.

We decided to go to a 24 Hour Urgent Care. After 15 minutes of the doctor cutting off the sweater, numbing and rotating, it finally came out. Even the doctor was surprised that this happened and it was his first time encountering this kind of situation.

We made it out alive and are back in business!!